ID Badges/Deliveries/Lunch Visitors Letter from the Principal

September 20, 2018

September 17, 2018

Parents, Now that the first three weeks have past and the students have settled in with procedures and routines, I want to review a few items to help keep things at Aragon running smoothly.

ID Badges:

All students must wear a visible ID badge anytime they are at school or on a bus. If a student forgets their ID badge, a temporary badge must be purchased for $1.00 in the cafeteria when the student arrives at school. If the badge is lost or damaged, a new badge must be purchased in the cafeteria for $3.00 The badge is used for safety in identifying our students as they load and unload buses, in the cafeteria when purchasing food, in the library to check out books and in the attendance office to sign in to school. Students without ID badges or temporary badges will not be able to load buses. Please remind your child to have their ID badge with them each day.


We strongly encourage your continued support with routines at home to help us build responsible students who bring necessary items with them to school each day. At this time we will allow non-food deliveries at the front. Please be sure the item is labeled with your student’s name. There will be a cart inside the vestibule for you to leave the tagged item for your child. In an effort to maximize instructional time and minimize distractions, items will not be delivered to students during class time. Instead, the student will need to stop by between classes to pick up an item. The only exception to this will be eyeglasses or forgotten house keys. These two items will need to be left with the receptionist in order for it to be delivered to the student. As in the past, we will not be accepting any food or drink deliveries for students. Please send a lunch with your child or be sure there is money in their lunch account. Money can be deposited online through School Café.

Lunch visitors:

Parents/legal guardians will be able to have lunch with students. Due to limited space we will not be able to accommodate other family members for lunch. If you would like to eat with your child, please be sure to arrive a few minutes before lunch, present your ID and receive a badge. Students will be called to the front to meet you and have lunch with you in a designated area. Upon finishing lunch, the student may return to the cafeteria for the remainder of the lunch period.

As always, we appreciate your support and partnership as we work together for the success of each Wildcat. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional clarification on these items.

Maria Mamaux
Principal Aragon Middle School

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